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Our Breast Cancer Screening and Mammogram services provide the best early detection and lead to better breast cancer outcomes.

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Breast Cancer Center, Mammogram Screening in Anaheim

Mammography is the examination of breasts with X-rays. This procedure looks for tumors, cysts, or other abnormalities that might be cancerous or noncancerous. Schedule your mammogram appointment with Us today!

The word mammogram is a combination of the Greek words for “breast” and “to examine.” A mammogram is a specialized type of X-ray that helps detect breast cancer. Mammograms are less expensive than other types of breast cancer screening tests.

Breast cancer can be identified by a mammography screening test, where an X-ray image of the breasts is taken from different angles to detect any abnormalities. Women tend to have regular screenings to detect anomalies as early as possible, reducing the risk of the disease progressing to more severe stages and increasing their chances of survival.

Breast Cancer Center, Mammogram Screening in Anaheim
Breast Cancer Center, Mammogram Screening in Anaheim


  • Unilateral Diagnostic
  • Bilateral Diagnostic
  • Annual Routine Screening

Mammography is the most common form of breast cancer screening in the United States. Mammography uses low-dose X-rays to make an image of the breast tissue.

Mammograms are used to find breast cancers or other changes in breasts that can be seen on an X-ray. Doctors examine these pictures for any signs that you may have breast cancer or any other abnormalities.

Annual routine mammograms can be done starting at age 40, but mammograms are also recommended every year after age 50 if women have risk factors like having dense breasts or a family history of breast cancer. Mammograms are safe and effective when they’re done correctly, but they should never replace your doctor’s advice about whether you need them and how often you should get them.

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