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We are excited and honored to serve your primary care needs. At Anaheim Medical Urgent Care, our cohort of well-qualified physicians with various specialties, create a knowledge base of world-class intellectual capital in medicine. As our primary care patient, you will have access to:

Anaheim Medical Urgent Care is here to provide you with excellent primary care services, with flexibility and convenience.

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Our Services at Primary Care Physician Anaheim CA

Strep Test

Strep throat is painful, and your child may have to wait for hours or even days to see a primary care physician or pediatrician. Instead, an urgent care facility such as Anaheim Urgent Care is the perfect place to turn. We test and treat strep throat, especially in young children.


Nasal Swab Influenza A-B

Officially known as a rapid influenza diagnostic test (RIDT), a rapid flu test is a type of diagnostic testing that is used to detect the presence of the influenza virus. Anaheim Urgent Care offers rapid flu testing for influenza A and B. We perform testing on a walk-in basis every day of the week, so you don’t have to schedule an appointment and can instead visit us at a time that works for you.


If you or your child are in need of a physical, Anaheim Medical Urgent Care makes it easy to get them done. We offer extended hours for your convenience on weekdays, weekends, and holidays so you can bring your children and teens in for school, camp, and sports physicals. Our providers are also certified examiners for the Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals. Whatever the reason for your exam, Anaheim Medical Urgent Care walk-in physicals are quick and easy.

primary care physician Anaheim CA

Sport Physical Test

Whether your child is getting ready for school, sports, or for camp, a physical is the best way to ensure they are healthy and ready for activity.

Snellen Test

The visual acuity test is used to determine the smallest letters you can read on a standardized chart (Snellen chart) or a card held 20 feet (6 meters) away. Special charts are used when testing at distances shorter than 20 feet (6 meters). Some Snellen charts are actually video monitors showing letters or images.

Snellen Test


If you experience a serious cut or wound that requires stitches, Anaheim Medical Urgent Care is here for you. When done properly, stitching a wound will not only help prevent excess bleeding and facilitate healing, the sutures can also help to minimize scarring as your wound heals.


Urgent care offers the following injections: Vitamin B12, B-Complex, Antibiotics, Anti-Nausea, Anti-Pain, Steroids, and Benadryl.


Breathing Treatments

Those with breathing problems such as asthma, COPD, or other lung diseases like bronchitis never know exactly when an attack might occur. Whether you’re experiencing a first-time asthma attack or recurrent breathing problems, your Anaheim Medical Urgent Care professionals are here to help with asthma or nebulizer treatment you need.

IV For Antibiotics-Vitamin

IV Antibiotics are common in emergency rooms and hospitals and are starting to become more common in urgent care centers. Anaheim Medical Urgent Care offers IV Antibiotics if one of our doctors determines that it is the best course of treatment. The advantages of coming to Anaheim Medical Urgent Care instead of an emergency room are two-fold. First, you will avoid the long waits before finally being seen by a doctor. Second, by and large, the costs related to visiting an urgent care center are much smaller than a traditional ER. Come in for a quick diagnosis, and if needed, IV antibiotics to help clear up an infection.


Accu-check For Glucose

High blood glucose is a risk factor that can increase your chance of developing or suffering complications from diabetes. A glucose screening can help identify high blood sugar, which can help you prevent or delay the effects of diabetes.


U/A In House

Urinalysis, sometimes abbreviated as UA, is basically just what it sounds like, a urine analysis. After collecting a urine sample, our staff will use a urine test strip or dipstick test to analyze it for signs of abnormalities. A urine dipstick test strip contains up to ten different chemical pads, which can be examined to determine the presence of various illnesses or diseases. If you require a urinalysis for any reason, the Anaheim Medical Urgent Care professionals are here to help.



CBC In House

A complete blood count is a blood test concerning specifically your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The blood sample used in the testing is usually taken from a vein in your arm. This test can be useful as a part of a routine health exam, to look for signs of specific disorders, monitor a blood disorder, or monitor health during treatment. If you are in need of a complete blood count, call Anaheim Medical Urgent Care.