Urgent Care Medical Services

Our administrative and clinical team is second to none. We reiterates the pledge to help all and give hope.

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We specialize in a wide array of medical fields and have some of the best facilities.

We are an Urgent Care Medical Services, open seven days a week to serve you better.

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Primary Care

We are excited and honored to serve your primary care needs. At Anaheim Medical Urgent Care, our cohort of well-qualified physicians with various specialties, create a knowledge base of world-class intellectual capital in medicine.

A dedication to provide excellent and comprehensive healthcare for women has led us to continuous improvement and expansion of our services. 

Walk in for x-ray lab testing on site with immediate interpretation by physicians who diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses from broken bones to chest pains.

Urgent Care Medical Services
weight loss

Weight Loss

We utilize a variety of medication options to met each individual’s needs. This will be a full discussion at your complimentary weight loss consult appointment. 

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

We utilize 3 types of treatments:

  1. Cord Blood Stem Cells
  2. Amniotic Fluid/Tissue Products
  3. Exosome Therapy
IV Infusion Therapies

IV Infusion Therapies

Great option to replenish & boost your vitamin arsenal! INFUVITE is a combination of vitamins indicated for the prevention of vitamin deficiency in adults and children ages 11 and older.

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Urgent Care Medical Services

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